About our company

Many companies in our sector are franchises and/or linked to insurance companies. We’re different in A-Z Property Services is a totally independent Southern California Family Based Company.


The right experience – and equipment


At a time when many franchisees have little or no experience of Restoration, Remediation, Maintenance & Repair,  A-Z Property Services is second to no-one in their knowledge of and experience in the business, and has dealt with floods and fires of all types and sizes, from minor domestic emergencies through to major commercial incidents involving whole streets or major warehouses.


A-Z Property Services is also the ideal company in a crisis, always knowing what to do and doing it, quickly and effectively, detailing and explaining the plan of action, and liaising directly with insurance companies.

In addition, we have all the latest and most effective pumping, cleaning, drying and monitoring equipment, from ozone generators to electrical generators and thermal image cameras. More, in fact than any other independent contractor.


Serving All of Southern California


We’re based in Orange County, CA, and cover all of Los Angeles County, Riverside County & Orange County, as well as call-outs within a 50 mile radius.


And when you call, you will be answered by a person, not a machine. In an emergency, we can generally be with you – together with the necessary equipment – within an hour or so.


Businesses or homes, we’re here to help. For more details, please contact us

CSLB License # 1007339

IICRC Certified Firm