Maintenance & Repair.

A-Z Property Services understands the importance of making your property look its best with the least amount of disruption.


We offer a varity of maintenance & repair services for homes and any type of commercial businesses from apartment complexes to office buildings, retail to restaurants. We recognize that residential and commercial buildings share many of the same requirements: Quality work, a clear and detailed process, and outstanding communication!



A-Z Property Services offers drywall repair or installation in residential and commercial. Experienced as a drywall contractor, A-Z Property Services becomes part of your team to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of good drywall work from insulation to noise reduction.  We do your interior work right the first time.


An important component in any home and or business, drywall is central to interior construction. As a family own business, we work with you to give you the best in repair, maintenance and installation of your drywall.

Interior & Exterior Painting


A-Z Property Services interior and exterior painting services are a necessity over time. For instance the exterior of your home or business may start to fade, peel, and crack over time. This will cause your building to look much older than it may actually be. Painting the interior of your business or home is just as important. If you have the same color walls as everyone else that has owned the home or the business before you. We are experience painters to provide you with color selections and painting techniques that can boost the appearance of your business or home.


When you are ready to begin adding color to your residence and commercial business, contact us at today. We will provide you with a consultation to help you explore interior & exterior painting.

Concrete Repair/ Replace New


A-Z Property Services solutions include the reinstatement of defective concrete and the application protective Anti-Carbonation coatings which slow the loss of alkalinity to the concrete. Some coatings can regenerate the concrete and stop decay. Knowledge is important to concrete repairs, replacement and we make the right recommendations that reduce costs.


In addition A-Z Property Services provide remedial treatment for new/ old homes or commercial buildings. These relate to problems usually caused by a building mistake during renovation or new construction. The specification should be detailed and cover all aspects of the work including progressive investigation and testing, surface cleaning, preparatory work, and the precise nature and sequence of the repair and or replacement of the concrete.

Exterior Siding


A-Z Property Services are here to meet all your expectations when it comes to exterior siding. Our company has experienced experts and the most up to date exterior sidings around to give you just what you want.


We help you choose / replace and install at affordable prices. There are many factors to consider when selecting the correct exterior siding:

  • Water resistance

  • Durability

  • Low maintenance

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Aesthetics


And many other options, give us a call now to help improve your curb appeal. 


Tenant Improvement


Building an interior space requires a special skill set that not all construction companies possess, especially when working in occupied apartments, condos, homes, townhomes and buildings. Issues such as security, safety, air quality, debris all come into play when working in an occupied building.


A-Z Property Services has 10+ years in home and or office build-outs, retail spaces renovations. We understand how important it is to our clients to maintain ongoing operations while tenant improvements are being built. We do whatever it takes to make sure there are no disruptions to the occupants.



A-Z Property Services is one of Southern California’s top restoration/ remediation and remodeling companies around to date! With experience specializing in a wide range of remodeling services such as, property renovation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and home or building extensions. No matter which property service options you are interested in, you can count on A-Z Property Services to get the job done right.


We cover all building aspects including plumbing, electrics, gasworks, plastering, carpentry, painting/decorating and tiling.  All of these skills are carried out with the highest standards and in with city code limits. A-Z Property Services is fully certified and license in the state of California.